Key Benefits

What is in the Standard?

Leadership at all levels of an organisation drives successful occupational health and safety programs programs - at operational and critical cultural levels.

ISO 45001 requires demonstration by leaders in establishing the right capability, processes and supporting systems. Leaders are also responsible in cultivating the appropriate safety ethos and operating culture.

Allocate your resources, and support processes that directly deliver your business and occupational health and safety goals and objectives.

Ensure your workers have the capability to make critical decisions and work towards the business OHS policies and objectives.

Protect workers and reduce disruption in the workplace by eliminating hazards and reducing OHS risk through the implementation of process controls that enables effective measurement.

ISO 45001's framework, based on best practice, ensures business success across a range of activities including procurement of products and services. 

A review of your OHS management system processes is essential to ensure they continue to perform with efficiency and proactively manage OHS risk.

Through an internal audit programme, organisations can be confident that the OHS management system continues to conform to compliance requirements and, there are effective OHS policies in place.

Improvement is an essential component for any business to remain competitive. ISO 45001, through the High Level Structure utilised in multiple Standards such as Quality Management (9001), Environmental Management (14001), establishes a global best practice framework to enable a proactive and continual improvement ethos to business operations.

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